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Make it personal

There are so many ways to make this ceremony unique.....

Flowers can be used in many different ways to make your ceremony uniquely personal.

  • A flower blessing ritual

  • Single flowers placed on the coffin during the ceremony

  • Asking everyone to take a flower home from the floral tribute to dry or press

  • Putting packets of wildflower seeds in the order of service - "forget me nots" are always a favourite!

  • A "living" floral tribute made from tiny potted plants that can be distributed after the ceremony

  • Light a candle at the beginning of the ceremony to symbolise the light that will continue to shine on in the world from this person

  • Children or grandchildren light a candle each to signify how the light continues to shine through the generations that follow

  • A scented candle of the person's favourite aroma

  • A coloured candle of their favourite colour


A table at the front of the chapel with items that are important to the person or family.

  • War medals

  • Things from a favourite hobby or pastime

  • Knitted items

  • Photographs


These could be memories or blessings written on post it notes and stuck on to the coffin as everybody leaves the chapel, a very personal farewell.

Or perhaps written on cards to be kept and made into a memory book for children or grandchildren.

  • Doves can be released after the ceremony to represent the spirit flying free.

  • Balloons can also be used


Music is perhaps more evocative than anything in bringing a person closer to our heart.

Traditional hymns are often sung at funerals however in this more secular age it is appropriate to use whatever music really resonates for you from Jazz to Pop to Rock & Roll, literally anything goes!

Poems & Readings

There are so many beautiful poems and readings, both religious and non-religious to be sourced on the internet.

However I can also help you find appropriate readings connected to all sorts of different hobbies and interests. 

There are some popular choices on the resources page.

"Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy"
~Eskimo saying

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