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Here are some things to ponder on before our first meeting.....


If the ceremony is being held at The Crematorium Music will generally be played at the following points during the service:

  • Entrance

  • Reflection

  • Committal

  • Exit

  • In addition, Hymns can also be sung

Perhaps think about Music that was either meaningful to your loved one or that is meaningful for you.

It might be a particular genre or artist, or a piece of music that was played at a significant event.

The Committal is a very poignant moment in the ceremony and something quite gentle often works well at this point.

If the ceremony is a celebration of life then an uplifting song at the end helps to lift spirits as people leave the service.

Poems & Readings

This is a way to really start to make the ceremony a reflection on the person being honoured.

There are a vast amount of resources to be found on-line by thinking about what might be relevant in terms of interests or hobbies that were enjoyed.

Also think about whether there are friends or family who might consider doing a reading for you.



Eulogy and Tributes

How would you like this person to be remembered?

Are there family members or friends who would like to talk about their life, or different aspects of their life? This could be close family like children or grandchildren, or perhaps friends from school, college or colleagues from work or people they know from shared interests and pursuits.

Sometimes one person speaks on behalf of everybody and at other times 2 or 3 people give shorter tributes to cover different aspects of the person's life.

If you feel no-one will be able to speak on the day maybe you would like to write a tribute for me to read on your behalf. This can be a wonderful process of shared remembering as you collate information and write the story.

Alternatively, I can talk to you at our meeting and take detailed notes to prepare a Eulogy or tribute for you, which you will have an opportunity to see and change or amend until it feels completely right for you.

Look at the other pages on this site for some more ideas on how to make this ceremony unique and personal.


"Let life be as beautiful as summer flowers
And death as beautiful as autumn leaves"
~Rabindranath Tagore
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